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1ATO1B.ZIP325KJan 25, 1993Synchronet BBS Software v1a to v1b upgrade package
1B01TO02.ZIP96KMar 18, 1994Synchronet BBS Software v1b01 to v1b02 upgrade package
1B02TO03.ZIP40KMar 18, 1994Synchronet BBS Software v1b02 to v1b03 upgrade package
1B04_FIX.ZIP130KMar 18, 1994Synchronet BBS Software v1b04 hot fix
1C01TO02.DOC854Nov 30, 1993Synchronet BBS Software v1c01 to v1c02 upgrade package
230cbeta.zip605KApr 09, 2001SBBS v2.3c for DOS/OS2 beta - QWK/Fido Y2K fixes and more!
300FBETA.ZIP1MJun 08, 2001Synchronet BBS for Win32 v3.00f beta (no JavaScript)
310IBETA.ZIP3MJul 31, 2002Synchronet BBS Software for Win32 v3.10i BETA - 04/30/02
310KBETA.ZIP3MNov 11, 2002Synchronet BBS Software for Win32 v3.10k BETA - 11/10/02
311aBeta.zip4MDec 09, 2003Synchronet v3.11a-Win32 BETA - upgrade from v3.1x only
311bBeta.zip3MFeb 27, 2004Synchronet v3.11b-Win32 BETA - upgrade from v3.1x only
AFIXSBBS.DOC1KNov 06, 1995Tips on setting up Allfix with Synchronet
bbs_docu.mp4373MMay 02, 2020Raw video interview of Rob Swindell, The BBS Documentary
BULLETIN.ANS377Jul 27, 1993Blank bulletin menu for Domain Bulletins (ANSI format)
BULLETIN.ASC288Jul 27, 1993Blank bulletin menu for Domain Bulletins (Ctrl-A format)
cioxtrn.zip64KAug 26, 2007Deuce's CIOXTRN for Win32 - runs any console app as a door
DOS4GW.ZIP147KJan 19, 1995Required for 32-bit Utilities (unzip this into your path)
FILES.REF8KApr 06, 1995Reference of virtually all files created by Synchronet
HELLO1KMay 01, 1993Explains Synchronet QWK features - put in TEXT\QWK dir
lib-linux.tgz2MMay 19, 2010Archive of libraries for Linux-i386 build circa 2010
manifest.txt36KDec 19, 2018Digital Manifesto (what happened to Digital Dynamics?)
PATCH.EXE8KAug 31, 1991Patch program for patching binary files (TWDATA.DAT)
sbbs.key2KMar 07, 1996Synchronet registration key for Vertrauen, if you need it
SBBS1B01.ZIP1MJan 25, 1993Synchronet BBS Software v1b rev 1 Jan-25-1993
SBBS1B05.ZIP1MDec 27, 2020Synchronet v1b r5 Multinode BBS Software 4 Node DEMO versi
SBBS1C00.ZIP1MOct 18, 2020Synchronet BBS Software v1c rev 0: full install disk
SBBS1C02.ZIP746KDec 28, 2020Synchronet BBS Software v1c rev 2: demo disk
SBBS200A.ZIP779KOct 18, 2020Synchronet v2.00a Multinode BBS Software Unregistered demo
SBBS200F.ZIP844KOct 18, 2020Synchronet v2.00f Multinode BBS Software Unregistered demo
SBBS200G.ZIP852KOct 18, 2020Synchronet v2.00g Multinode BBS Software Unregistered demo
SBBS210A.ZIP905KOct 18, 2020Synchronet v2.10a Multinode BBS Software Unregistered demo
SBBS211A.ZIP945KOct 18, 2020Synchronet v2.11a Multinode BBS Software Unregistered demo
SBBS220A.ZIP1MOct 18, 2020Synchronet v2.20a Multinode BBS Software Unregistered demo
SBBS22_O.ZIP405KOct 18, 2020Synchronet 32-bit OS/2 Utilities (updated with v2.20 of SB
SBBS22_X.ZIP578KOct 18, 2020Synchronet 32-bit DOS Utilities (updated with v2.20 of SBB
SBBS22UP.ZIP1MOct 18, 2020Synchronet v2.20 upgrade kit. Requires a new key file, if
SBBS230A.ZIP5MDec 29, 2020Synchronet v2.30a Multinode BBS Software w/16-bit DOS and
SBBS230B.ZIP5MNov 23, 1999Synchronet BBS Software v2.30b for DOS/OS2 (09/05/97)
SBBS300C.ZIP5MJan 02, 2001Synchronet v3.00c Multinode BBS Software for Win32 INSTALL
sbbs310L.zip6MMar 02, 2003Synchronet BBS Software v3.10L-Win32 beta INSTALL/UPGRADE
sbbs312a.zip6MDec 31, 2004Synchronet-Win32 BBS Software v3.12a (Dec-31-2004)
SBBS4OS2.FAQ8KMar 27, 1996Answers to frequently asked questions about SBBS4OS2 3/26
sbbsdist.lst3KFeb 14, 2005Data file for Synchronet common "installer" idea, 2005
sbbsdocs.zip3MJan 02, 2001Synchronet BBS Software Documentation in HTML format. Win3
sbbsecho.exe264KMar 01, 2005SBBSecho v2.10-Win32 (rev 1.164)
SBBSHACK.TXT5KJan 28, 1993The real story behind hacking Synchronet via DSZ (1/28/93)
SBBSQNET.ZIP3KSep 17, 1995Telix QWKnet Script v2.00 - updated 09/17/95
sbj_320.zip168KFeb 07, 2018Synchronet Blackjack v3.20 for Windows (native door game)
SBLDAB.ZIP84KJun 17, 1995SBL.DAB from Vertrauen (06/17/95)
SBLUTILS.ZIP68KNov 10, 2001Synchronet BBS List import/export utils (v2.20) - Win32
SBUP300C.ZIP2MJan 02, 2001Synchronet v3.00c Multinode BBS Software for Win32 UPGRADE
SEND2MDM.EXE23KApr 05, 1995Command line utility to send commands to your modem
sexyz165.zip62KJun 12, 2005Synchronet External X/Y/Zmodem (SEXYZ) File Transfer Proto
sexyz174.zip69KJan 19, 2006Synchronet External X/Y/Zmodem (SEXYZ) File Transfer Proto
smm_210.zip408KJun 02, 2000Synchronet Match Maker (BBS door) v2.10 supports any DOOR.
spots128.zip235KMay 05, 2019SEXPOTS v1.28 for Win32 (old version)
SQUISH.CFG32KJul 26, 1994Squish config file used by Vertrauen for a few days
ssrc199x.zip18MDec 25, 2020Synchronet BBS Software Ancient source code circa 1992 (v1
ssrc230b.zip867KOct 06, 2001Synchronet for DOS & OS/2 v2.30b C Source Code (1997)
ssrc300c.zip2MJan 09, 2001Synchronet BBS v3.00c for Win32/Linux C/C+ source code
ssrc312a.zip3MDec 31, 2004Synchronet-Win32 v3.12a C/C++ source code (Dec-31-2004)
SUTL1C02.ZIP668KDec 28, 2020Synchronet BBS Software v1c rev 2: util disk
SUTL200G.ZIP1MOct 18, 2020Synchronet v2.00g Multinode BBS Utilities Unregistered dem
SUTL210A.ZIP1MOct 18, 2020Synchronet v2.10a Utilities disk - Companion for SBBS210A.
SUTL211A.ZIP1MOct 18, 2020Synchronet v2.11a Utilities disk - Companion for SBBS211A.
SUTL220A.ZIP1MOct 18, 2020Synchronet v2.20a Utilities disk - Companion for SBBS220A.
SUTL220B.ZIP1MOct 18, 2020Synchronet v2.20b Utilities disk - Companion for SBBS220B.
svdmansi.com1KSep 13, 1994Synchronet VDM (Virtual DOS Machine) ANSI driver
SVDMANSI.ZIP2KMar 08, 1995Synchronet ANSI TSR for OS/2 VDMs
SYNC.ZIP1MNov 11, 2000Animated .GIFS for Rob
SYNCLOGO.ZIP290KMay 17, 1996Miscellaneous Synchronet logos in various file formats
TOTALS.COM9KJul 30, 1992Totals up credit gain or loss for Blackjack/Poker/Dice War
USERCOM.ZIP9KApr 20, 1993Synchronet Log file scanning program
v3cfgfaq.txt20KJun 25, 2003Answers to Frequently Asked Questions re: Configuring v3
xsdk_300.zip46KJun 28, 2000Synchronet External Progarm Software Development Kit (XSDK
XSDK_301.ZIP48KMay 17, 2001Synchronet external program software developement kit 3.01
XTRNMENU.ZIP2KSep 26, 1994Example External Program menus from Vertrauen

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