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1ATO1B.ZIP325KJan-25-93Synchronet BBS Software v1a to v1b upgrade package
1B01TO02.ZIP96KMar-18-94Synchronet BBS Software v1b01 to v1b02 upgrade package
1B02TO03.ZIP40KMar-18-94Synchronet BBS Software v1b02 to v1b03 upgrade package
1B04_FIX.ZIP130KMar-18-94Synchronet BBS Software v1b04 hot fix
1C01TO02.DOC854Nov-30-93Synchronet BBS Software v1c01 to v1c02 upgrade package
230cbeta.zip605KApr-09-01SBBS v2.3c for DOS/OS2 beta - QWK/Fido Y2K fixes and more!
300FBETA.ZIP1MJun-08-01Synchronet BBS for Win32 v3.00f beta (no JavaScript)
310IBETA.ZIP3MJul-31-02Synchronet BBS Software for Win32 v3.10i BETA - 04/30/02
310KBETA.ZIP3MNov-11-02Synchronet BBS Software for Win32 v3.10k BETA - 11/10/02
311aBeta.zip4MDec-09-03Synchronet v3.11a-Win32 BETA - upgrade from v3.1x only
311bBeta.zip3MFeb-27-04Synchronet v3.11b-Win32 BETA - upgrade from v3.1x only
AFIXSBBS.DOC1KNov-06-95Tips on setting up Allfix with Synchronet
bbs_docu.mp4373MMay-02-20Raw video interview of Rob Swindell, The BBS Documentary
BULLETIN.ANS377Jul-27-93Blank bulletin menu for Domain Bulletins (ANSI format)
BULLETIN.ASC288Jul-27-93Blank bulletin menu for Domain Bulletins (Ctrl-A format)
cioxtrn.zip64KAug-26-07Deuce's CIOXTRN for Win32 - runs any console app as a door
DOS4GW.ZIP147KJan-19-95Required for 32-bit Utilities (unzip this into your path)
FILES.REF8KApr-06-95Reference of virtually all files created by Synchronet
HELLO1KMay-01-93Explains Synchronet QWK features - put in TEXT\QWK dir
lib-linux.tgz2MMay-19-10Archive of libraries for Linux-i386 build circa 2010
manifest.txt36KDec-19-18Digital Manifesto (what happened to Digital Dynamics?)
PATCH.EXE8KAug-31-91Patch program for patching binary files (TWDATA.DAT)
sbbs.key2KMar-07-96Synchronet registration key for Vertrauen, if you need it
SBBS1B01.ZIP1MJan-25-93Synchronet BBS Software v1b rev 1 Jan-25-1993
SBBS1B05.ZIP1MDec-27-20Synchronet v1b r5 Multinode BBS Software 4 Node DEMO versi
SBBS1C00.ZIP1MOct-18-20Synchronet BBS Software v1c rev 0: full install disk
SBBS1C02.ZIP746KDec-28-20Synchronet BBS Software v1c rev 2: demo disk
SBBS200A.ZIP779KOct-18-20Synchronet v2.00a Multinode BBS Software Unregistered demo
SBBS200F.ZIP844KOct-18-20Synchronet v2.00f Multinode BBS Software Unregistered demo
SBBS200G.ZIP852KOct-18-20Synchronet v2.00g Multinode BBS Software Unregistered demo
SBBS210A.ZIP905KOct-18-20Synchronet v2.10a Multinode BBS Software Unregistered demo
SBBS211A.ZIP945KOct-18-20Synchronet v2.11a Multinode BBS Software Unregistered demo
SBBS220A.ZIP1MOct-18-20Synchronet v2.20a Multinode BBS Software Unregistered demo
SBBS22_O.ZIP405KOct-18-20Synchronet 32-bit OS/2 Utilities (updated with v2.20 of SB
SBBS22_X.ZIP578KOct-18-20Synchronet 32-bit DOS Utilities (updated with v2.20 of SBB
SBBS22UP.ZIP1MOct-18-20Synchronet v2.20 upgrade kit. Requires a new key file, if
SBBS230A.ZIP5MDec-29-20Synchronet v2.30a Multinode BBS Software w/16-bit DOS and
SBBS230B.ZIP5MNov-23-99Synchronet BBS Software v2.30b for DOS/OS2 (09/05/97)
SBBS300C.ZIP5MJan-02-01Synchronet v3.00c Multinode BBS Software for Win32 INSTALL
sbbs310L.zip6MMar-02-03Synchronet BBS Software v3.10L-Win32 beta INSTALL/UPGRADE
sbbs312a.zip6MDec-31-04Synchronet-Win32 BBS Software v3.12a (Dec-31-2004)
SBBS4OS2.FAQ8KMar-27-96Answers to frequently asked questions about SBBS4OS2 3/26
sbbsdist.lst3KFeb-14-05Data file for Synchronet common "installer" idea, 2005
sbbsdocs.zip3MJan-02-01Synchronet BBS Software Documentation in HTML format. Win3
sbbsecho.exe264KMar-01-05SBBSecho v2.10-Win32 (rev 1.164)
SBBSHACK.TXT5KJan-28-93The real story behind hacking Synchronet via DSZ (1/28/93)
SBBSQNET.ZIP3KSep-17-95Telix QWKnet Script v2.00 - updated 09/17/95
sbj_320.zip168KFeb-07-18Synchronet Blackjack v3.20 for Windows (native door game)
SBLDAB.ZIP84KJun-17-95SBL.DAB from Vertrauen (06/17/95)
SBLUTILS.ZIP68KNov-10-01Synchronet BBS List import/export utils (v2.20) - Win32
SBUP300C.ZIP2MJan-02-01Synchronet v3.00c Multinode BBS Software for Win32 UPGRADE
SEND2MDM.EXE23KApr-05-95Command line utility to send commands to your modem
sexyz165.zip62KJun-12-05Synchronet External X/Y/Zmodem (SEXYZ) File Transfer Proto
sexyz174.zip69KJan-19-06Synchronet External X/Y/Zmodem (SEXYZ) File Transfer Proto
smm_210.zip408KJun-02-00Synchronet Match Maker (BBS door) v2.10 supports any DOOR.
spots128.zip235KMay-05-19SEXPOTS v1.28 for Win32 (old version)
SQUISH.CFG32KJul-26-94Squish config file used by Vertrauen for a few days
ssrc199x.zip18MDec-25-20Synchronet BBS Software Ancient source code circa 1992 (v1
ssrc230b.zip867KOct-06-01Synchronet for DOS & OS/2 v2.30b C Source Code (1997)
ssrc300c.zip2MJan-09-01Synchronet BBS v3.00c for Win32/Linux C/C+ source code
ssrc312a.zip3MDec-31-04Synchronet-Win32 v3.12a C/C++ source code (Dec-31-2004)
SUTL1C02.ZIP668KDec-28-20Synchronet BBS Software v1c rev 2: util disk
SUTL200G.ZIP1MOct-18-20Synchronet v2.00g Multinode BBS Utilities Unregistered dem
SUTL210A.ZIP1MOct-18-20Synchronet v2.10a Utilities disk - Companion for SBBS210A.
SUTL211A.ZIP1MOct-18-20Synchronet v2.11a Utilities disk - Companion for SBBS211A.
SUTL220A.ZIP1MOct-18-20Synchronet v2.20a Utilities disk - Companion for SBBS220A.
SUTL220B.ZIP1MOct-18-20Synchronet v2.20b Utilities disk - Companion for SBBS220B.
svdmansi.com1KSep-13-94Synchronet VDM (Virtual DOS Machine) ANSI driver
SVDMANSI.ZIP2KMar-08-95Synchronet ANSI TSR for OS/2 VDMs
SYNC.ZIP1MNov-11-00Animated .GIFS for Rob
SYNCLOGO.ZIP290KMay-17-96Miscellaneous Synchronet logos in various file formats
TOTALS.COM9KJul-30-92Totals up credit gain or loss for Blackjack/Poker/Dice War
USERCOM.ZIP9KApr-20-93Synchronet Log file scanning program
v3cfgfaq.txt20KJun-25-03Answers to Frequently Asked Questions re: Configuring v3
xsdk_300.zip46KJun-28-00Synchronet External Progarm Software Development Kit (XSDK
XSDK_301.ZIP48KMay-17-01Synchronet external program software developement kit 3.01
XTRNMENU.ZIP2KSep-26-94Example External Program menus from Vertrauen

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