Synchronet - Credits

This document is my attempt to give credit where credit is due. Not "attribution of legal copyrights", just acknowledgement of the individuals who have contributed in some way to the development of Synchronet BBS Software.


Rob Swindell (digital man)
I feel a little funny listing myself... however, I have, and will continue to contribute quite a bit. :-)

Stephen Hurd (Deuce)
Substantial UNIX porting and original code contributions (e.g. signal/daemon/syslog/termcap/terminfo/pty support)
Internal FreeBSD-doscmd support for DOS doors
Numerous contributions/improvements to the cross-platform development library (XPDEV)
UNIX installer and top-level installation makefile
Sysop console for UNIX (umonitor)
User Interface library (UIFC) implementations for libdialog, curses, and FLTK and major updates/improvements
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client (irc.js)
Original Synchronet web server implementation (websrvr.c)
Secondary name server for the domain
Numerous DOS Door ports to UNIX

Robert Couture (Runemaster)
v3.12 HTML/CSS web interface cosmetic/functional improvements
Modifications to the offline Unix user editor

Trace McRae (PistolGrip)
HTML documentation conversion and contributions
The ubiquitous and very helpful sbbsdoor.txt
The first user e-mail verifier for Synchronet v3 (Telval)

Randy Sommerfeld (Cyan)
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) daemon service (ircd.js)

Ryan Underwood (Nemesis)
Internal Linux-DOSEMU support for DOS doors

nntpservice.js and newslink.js modifications and 1st JavaScript command shell (S3 Command Shell)

Allen Christiansen (King Drafus)
Numerous Synchronet v2 improvements
Initial development of SBBSecho
All the Domain Entertainment BBS doors and utilities

Steve Deppe (Ille Homine Albe)
Local console and remote communications I/O library for Synchronet-DOS
Millisecond wait/time-slice yield routine for Synchronet-DOS
ANSI console driver for OS/2 and WinNT virtual DOS machines (SVDMANSI)

Angus Mcleod
Optimized strrev() (string reversal) implementation
The idea behind Synchronet Services and numerous other technical suggestions and brain-storms

Finger service "filefind" feature
Early web server-side JavaScripting

Marc Lanctot
Original MIME/base64 encoding functions (mime.c)

Casey Martin
Original UNIX porting effort (conwrap.c)

Nods to...

Grymmjack - "SYNCH" ANSI splash screen
Michael Swindell (Dr. Seuss) - Default ANSI menus, Digital Dynamics capital and marketing
Pre-clawson TeleGrafix - RIP menus

Unwitting Contributors (Open Source Software)

Netscape Communications Corporation
The Mozilla Organization
Brendan Eich
and others
JavaScript-C Engine (SpiderMonkey)

François Piette
ANSI/VT-100 Terminal Emulation VCL Component: TEmulVT (emulvt.pas)

RSA Data Security, Inc.
Ronald Rivest
Philip Erdelsky

MD5 message-digest algorithm (md5.c)

Haruyasu Yoshizaki
Haruhiko Okumura

LZH (LHarc) codec implementation (lzh.c)

Mark G. Mendel
Stephen Satchell
16-bit CRC table and calculation macro

Gary S. Brown
32-bit CRC table and calculation macro

Ralf Brown
Swapping spawn library for DOS
Very useful x86 interrupt list

Mike Acar
Optimized ROT13 implementation

Beta Testers

And of course there have been numerous very helpful alpha and beta testers over the years, unfortunately, too many to list by name. Your contributions to the development of Synchronet are very important. Without users, no one (including me) would have much interest in developing Synchronet and without early-adopters and good bug-reports and feature requests, we wouldn't know what areas could use improvement. :-)

Thank You

Thanks to everyone on this list and everyone in the open-source and BBS hacker/hobbyist communities.
The world could use more people like you.

Copyright © 2009 Rob Swindell
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