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[13.0] - Text File Sections

Run the SCFG utility, and select the Text File Sections option from the menu.
This selection will produce a list of text file sections that the sysop has
created for users to freely view text files. It is requested that all sysops
make some or all of the Synchronet documentation available in a text file
section. At the very minimum, TEXT\SBBS.MSG should be available for users to
review. You can add and remove sections with the INS and DEL keys. The
following configuration options are available for each section:

[13.1] - Text File Options

        This is a description of the text file section.

Access Requirements:
        Use this option to set the security requirements to access this file

Internal Code:
        This is an internal code for SBBS to distinguish this text file section
        from the others on the system. This must be a unique name of up to 8
        valid DOS filename characters.

[13.2] - Adding Text Files

To add files to a text file section, you'll need to log on to the BBS and enter
the section you would like to add files to.  Here you'll be given a choice to
add files to the section, you will be prompted for the title of the file, and
the path/filename. If you do not enter a path for the file, the default path is
the Synchronet DATA\TEXT directory PLUS the internal code of the text file

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Copyright 2006 by Rob Swindell

Synchronet BBS Software
(Synchronet) Version 3 is comprised of several documentation,
library, executable, and source code files, all of which are covered by the
GNU General Public License
with the exception of the following portions covered by
the GNU Lesser General Public License: SMBLIB and XSDK.

Synchronet Version 2 (for DOS and OS/2) and its source code was released to the
Public Domain
by Digital Dynamics in 1997 and remains Public Domain software today.
Synchronet Version 3 is not Public Domain software.

For the complete Copyright Information please read the Copyright Document .